PUBG MOBILE APK by TIMI STUDIO 0.9.0 Chinese Version

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 13th November, 2018
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PUBG MOBILE APK by TIMI STUDIO 0.9.0 Chinese Version


Free Download PUBG MOBILE android modded game for your android mobile phone and tablet from Android Mobile zone.

PUBG MOBILE is an Action game; the game is developed by Tencent Games.

Features of PUBG MOBILE APK by TIMI STUDIO 0.9.0 Chinese Version

  • 1st Person Perspective Gameplay
  • Brand New Royale Season
  • MINI ZONE Game Mode. More Weapons More Mayhem
  • Weapons and Airplane cameos
  • New Armory.Check your weapons and attachments
  • Mute-Unmute individual team mates
  • Brand New Emotes, show your expressions
  • New Items and now Items can be gifted

What's New in PUBG MOBILE APK by TIMI STUDIO 0.9.0 Chinese Version

  • 1) FPP Driving
  • 2) Scope Swipes
  • 3)Night mode( higher chances of getting the night mode in erangel during the event period)
  • 4)M762 AR Rifle and a NEW DMR QBU (5.56 mm)
  • 5) new weapon reloading animation (M4,scar)
  • 6) few new achievements (skills required,not money)
  • 7) you can now throw grenades while peeking,no need to show your whole body to enemies..xd
  • 8) new picture style has been added (cinematic)
  • 9)new peek and fire options( hold,tap)
  • 10) back to old lobby in erangel
  • 11) can throw candy tnts/pumpkins( replaced by apples)
  • 12) however there was no settings for adjsuting fov
  • 13)a new vehicle( don’t know the name)
  • 14) music playing while driving
  • 15) you will be able to be matched with the team mates based on their language..
  • 16) landing like pc version
  • 17) new animation for going prone while sprinting
  • 18) map textures updated
  • 19) icons and models for backpack and helmets has been changed while picking it from the ground
  • 20) blue circle now leaves a semi-transparent blue color behind it
  • 21) you can now spectate the enemy who killed you.
  • 22) there is an option for changing blood colors now.. ‘MYTHIC’- for red and ‘UNCOMMON- for green
  • 23) there is a change in animation when you fall from a high place..(can be noticed more while playing fpp)
  • 24) bullet shells of bolt action sniper rifles when hits the ground creates a noise ( just love it)
  • 25) new area in the northwest
  • 26) autumn theme in erangel
  • 27) you can now set your scope limits on how many of the scopes to pick (from the pick up option)

Download Button: Chinese Version

How to play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile or Jedi Survival of the attack apk:-
You can simply download the uploaded apk and install it in your phone. you will need to login using WECHAT so download WECHAT and login using it. now you can easily play the game.

Size: 1.4 GB
Version: 0.9.0
Requires Android: 5.0 and Up

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