MORTAL KOMBAT 11 MOD APK for Android 2.1.2

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 24th June, 2019
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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 MOD APK for Android 2.1.2


Free Download MORTAL KOMBAT X android modded game for your android mobile phone and tablet from Android Mobile zone.

MORTAL KOMBAT X is an action game; the game is developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

Features of MORTAL KOMBAT 11 MOD APK for Android 2.1.2

  • It’s an exciting action fighting game
  • It’s a promising addition to the famed franchise
  • You can play either fighting mode or card collection mode
  • Earn experience, special moves and artifacts
  • The fatalities and X-Rays have been added in it

What's New in MORTAL KOMBAT 11 MOD APK for Android 2.1.2

  • Say hello to Klassic Mileena, Venomous D’Vorah, and Mournful Kitana as the newest Challenge characters, with all three featuring boosts to their stats! Complete their upcoming Challenges to unlock these powerful characters. Repeat a Quest with the latest functionality – no need to go back to the menu or reassign the team! Faction War Season Blood Ruby Pack rewards rotate between Diamond MK11 Scorpion and Diamond MK11 Sub-Zero, and Shao Kahn’s max fusion level has been increased from 7 to 10.
Mod Info:

Enemies will not attack

Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

If you get black screen or force close error after intro play then you have probably downloaded wrong GPU FILES. To check your phone’s GPU Download CPU-Z App from the play store.

Size: 932 MB
Version: 2.1.2
Require: 4.0 and UP

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